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Cloak of Violets

Cloak of Violets is a small four season farm in Glencoe Mills, Cape
Breton. We grow a limited quantity of produce year round, as well as
producing a line of body care products sold under the name It’s About
Thyme Aromatherapy. At our booth you will also find colourful and fun
knitted goods.

Mabou Farmers' Market: Full Circle FarmSandra McGuire
21 Glencoe Road RR2
Mabou, Nova Scotia
B0E 1X0


Farmasea Co-op Inc

Farmasea is a family business founded on appropriate technology principles and a commitment to organic methods. Wildcrafting of plants and gathering stormcast seaweeds is done in a manner that respects sound stewardship and harvesting practices. of the forearm. Their items include homemade seaweed products such as;  foliar sprays, fertilizer, medicinal plants, seaweeds, salves, aquatic herbs.

Mabou Farmers' Market: FarmaseaBrian Ives
1301 Meadow Green Road RR 2
Heatherton, Nova Scotia
B0H 1R0


Swinkels Bee Products

My husband and own a bee farm of approximately 100 beehives.  I make natural care products such as soap, lip balm, moisturizers, deodorant, bath salts, body scrubs, salve, room spray, body wash, 100% beeswax candles, sun lotion & hand sanitizer.  Most of these products are made with either honey or beeswax.  Of course we can’t forget the delicious unpasteurized honey as well.

Mabou Farmers' Market: Swinkels Bee ProductsSandra Swinkels
P.O. Box 965
Antigonish, Nova Scotia
B2G 2S3