To help new vendors find their location quickly and easily, we’ll be keeping this map up to date with our members. The empty spaces listed below are reserved for casual vendors.

Mabou Farmers' Market


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Table Legend for August 20th

Please note that the exact layout is subject to change on a week by week basis.

Table Business Name Vendor
1 Dangerous Angels Michelle Smith
2 Terron Dodd Terron Dodd
3 Hillsdale Mohair Judy Lincoln
4 Woven Cloth Dianne Quimby
5 Woven Cloth Dianne Wuimby
6 Talula Buddha Melina Peters
7 Touch of Glass Mary Ellen Godin
8 Encore Jewellery Dawn Silver
9 Sara’s Photos Sara Beaton
10 Julia Ryan Julia Ryan
11 Quilted Comforts Jean MacDonald
12 by Sharon Ann Sharon Burchell
13 Elizabeth’s Baked Goods Elizabeth Beaton
14 Eileanan Breagha Ken MacLennan
15 Martin’s Fine Bakery Martin and Gabriele Baumann
16 Martin’s Fine Bakery Martin and Gabriele Baumann
17  Celtic Leathers John Frank
18 Big Spruce Brewing Jeremy White
19 Beachglass Lockets Alisha Beaton
20 Joanne’s Bagels Joanne Strome
21 Beatrice MacNeil Beatrice MacNeil
22 Forever Green Organic Farm & Gardens Te & Mary Boyle
23 Forever Green Organic Farm & Gardens Te & Mary Boyle
24 Forever Green Organic Farm & Gardens Te & Mary Boyle
25 West Mabou Lemonade Joey Nicholson
26 Swinkels Bee Products Sandra Swinkels
27 MADD Morgan Bona
28 Romeo Martin Photo Arts Romeo Martin
29 Punjab Spices Abdul Hameed
30 Strathlorne Teas Caroline Cameron
31  Black Feather Farms Adrienne and Xavier
32 Buschmann Free Range Bio Farm Peter & Sibylle Buschmann
33 Healing Time Rebecca Beaven
34 Rocky Ridge Blueberries Andrew Barkhouse
35 Hadhan Syrian Chocolates for Peace Isameddin & Tareq
36 Sam’s Point Oyster Co. Jeff Lee
37 Dave Wambolt Dave Wambolt
38 Patchwood Farm Andy & Kailea
39 Sherry’s Books Sherry Fogarty
40 Islandview Treasures Matt Blais
41 DMT Creations Diane Turner
42 Pebble and Fern Market Garden Xennie Wright
43 Ann Schroeder Ann Schroeder
44 Ann Schroeder Ann Schroeder
45 Blue Marsh Farm Barbara Fitzpatrick
46 One of a Kind Benches Clarence MacKinnon & Ferne Warner
47 Hopeful Homestead Jaymie Aucoin
48 Nature Lost & Found Vicky Ogden
49 Cloak of Violets Sandra McGuire
50 Glenhill Farm Ltd Sid Taylor
51 Marthas New Growers Gyungbo & Mac
52 Mary Lou’s Fused Glass Mary Lou Beaton
53 Wally Ellison Wally Ellison
54 Cardinal Stained Glass Cardinal Stained Glass
55 Kolten MacDonell Kolten MacDonell
56 Brenda Nordin/Deb Richard Brenda Nordin/Deb Richard
57 Bumbinos Denise Morrison
58 Crafty Mouse JoAnn Melanson
59 Evelyn Chisholm Baked Goods Evelyn Chisholm
60 Patricia Richards Patricia Richards
61 Donnie White Donnie White
62 My Crafts Rose MacLeod
63 Laughing Laughter Andrew Barkhouse
64 Steinhart Distillery Mary Flemming