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The Mabou Farmers’ Market is a source of locally produced foods, arts and crafts. Our vendors come from local farms, market gardens, fishing boats, studios, and workshops. We’re always interested in new vendors and welcome local producers and artisans.



BEFORE applying please read our vendor rules and regulations. Submission of this application means that you have read and agreed to the vendor rules and regulations.

    Contact Information

    Please keep your contact information up to date. Changes should be emailed to:

    Do you allow this information and any product photographs to be used on the Mabou Farmers Market website and social media pages?

    How often do you plan to attend the Market? (Full-time: every week, Part-time: only some weeks)

    If planning on attending part-time, what dates to you wish to attend.
    June 05June 12June 19June 26July 3July 10July 17July 24July 31August 07August 14August 21August 28Sept. 04Sept. 11Sept. 18Sept. 25Oct. 02Oct. 09

    How many 8x10' booth spaces are you requesting? (Tables are not provided) (Please note: we cannot guarantee more than one booth space per vendor)

    Are you requesting a premium booth space? (Please note: We have limited premium booths)

    Are you willing to set up outdoors if we are unable to accomodate you inside the arena (weather permitting)?

    Do you require electricity, at $1 per large appliance per week

    How many eletrical appliances will you use each week?

    Describe what electrical equipment you plan to use below:

    Do you have any special needs or requirements?

    Website Listing

    On our webpage,, we feature each vendor with a 100-250 word description and a photo. Please e-mail your photo with the description for your business, which should include: a clear description of what you sell, and contact information, so customers can reach you. Please also include any photos of yourself and your product that can be used for social media purposes.

    Please provide these details below:

    Food Vendors

    List any Schedule A foods and Schedule B foods:

    A reminder that Schedule A Food Vendors must apply for a permit through

    All vendors of food products must familiarize themselves and comply with the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture's Guidelines for Public Markets:

    Do you have the required permit(s)?
    (Please attach a copy of your permit)

    Permits must be displayed at each market. It is the vendor’s responsibility to be familiar with, and to comply with all necessary government permits.

    Cosmetic Products

    If selling soaps, salves, bath, body care and other cosmetic products:

    I Agree to the above:

    Craft Vendors

    This section is REQUIRED for craft vendors: Please list ALL of your products in detail:

    Did you make/ design your product?

    If not, then who did?

    Describe the steps you take to create your product.

    How many of these elements are not of your own making?

    Artists/ Photographers/ Authors

    Are you selling your own work?

    • If you are a vendor new to our market, we require email images of your products to: for review.
    • Please send 3 photos, no bigger than 10Mb in size.

    Vendor Agreement

    Note: Any substantial changes to your products during the course of the season must first
    be approved through a new application for those products.

    • I, the undersigned, have read and complied with all necessary government permits and regulations.
    • I have also read the 2022 Mabou Farmers’ Market Rules and Regulations, and agree to comply with them.
    • I agree to pay Membership and Table fees as outlined in the 2022 Mabou Farmers' Market Rules and Regulations.
    • I agree that I am solely liable for products I sell.
    • I understand that non-compliance with the bylaws could result in the forfeiture of my right to participate in the Mabou Farmers’ Market.
    • I have grown or produced all products I am selling.

    I Agree *

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