vendor map

Mabou Farmers' Market Table Map 2021-July 5th

Download a copy of the table map in PDF format here.

Table Map for October 2nd

1 Dangerous Angels Michelle Smith
2 Tubman Studio / Whycocomagh Bay Farm Andrew Tubman
3 Woven Cloth Dianne Quimby
4 La Bel-France Pantry Elodie Nasone
5 D.M.T Creations Diane Turner
6 Cardinal Stained Glass Sheldon & AnnaBelle MacDonald
7 Spicy Kitchen Ranjith Murugesan
8 Flora & Fauna Soap Mary Pemberton
9 Steinhart Distillery Shauna
10 Martin’s Fine Bakery aka The Popular Place Bakery Inc. Martin and Gabi Baumann
11 Celtic Leather John Frank
12 The Newland’s Island Cuisine
Stephanie White
13 Candid Brewing Bryan Druhan

Mandi’s Fluid Art

Mandi Timmons
15 missbrenna Brenna MacNeil
16 Quilted Comforts Jean MacDonald
17 Swinkels Bee Products Sandra Swinkels
18 Etched4U Sandra Scanlan
19 Silver Fox Stitches
Linda Beaton
20 Romeo Martin Fine Arts Rob Martin
21 Taste of Patel Himanshu Patel
22 Jojo’s Elderberries Mary Squires
23 Fire & Stone Coffee Peter Buschmann
24 Buschmann Free Range Bio Farm Peter Buschmann
25 Bull & Tree Farm Mark Jantunen
26 Hopeful Homestead
Jaymie Aucoin
27 Sam’s Point Oysters Jeff Lee
28 Light My Fire Candle Co. Celine Mattie
29 La Femme Nikketo Nikkey Elizabeth
30 Tres Bien Naturals Bath & Body Tammy Stanwood
31 Talula Buddah Melina McAdam
32 Wayne’s Flies Wayne Brightman
33 Kids Craft Table Adele
34 Patchwood Farm Andy & Kailea Pedley
35 Salt Spray Farm Paula Fortune
36 Olive Tree Clay Co. Chantel Ryan
37 Martha’s New Growers Danielle Speck & Clayton MacLeod
38 Pemberton Brothers’ Posh Lemonade Matthias and Raphael Pemberton
40 Donnie White Donnie White
41 Honeymoon Moon Turn Gardens Leon Livingstone
42 Mary Lou’s Fused Glass Mary Lou Beaton
43 Photos by Jolene Chisholm Jolene Chisholm
44 Evelyn Chisholm Baking Evelyn Chisholm
45 Brenda’s Upcycled Creations Brenda Nordin
46 Blackbird Retreat Michelle Aikman
47 Calico Kiss Jewelry & Decor Christine Dowling
48 June Bowie June Bowie
49                                   Porter River Farm & Forage              Abbey Mullendore
50                                   Free Roots Farm              Tierra & Dave Munro
51                                  Cultural Fusion Kitchen              Lisa O’Neill
Wellness                     Wellness of the People vs. Wellness of the Planet                      Sirenna Trafford    
Outside                                  Forever Green Farm & Gardens     Te & Mary Boyle