Handmade by Del

Del Gauhl runs her business Handmade by Del in the picturesque village of Sherbrooke. She has always loved glass of any kind and one day while camping in Ottawa, she did a one day course on enameling. Someone told her that you could enamel pennies older than 1976, and she made a few earrings and someone asked to buy a pair, and her business began! At a craft show, she saw a bracelet made out of silverware and shortly after, she found a beautiful silverware set called Daffodil at an antique store, which was the start of making jewelry out of old silverware. Now she makes rings, bracelets, earrings, and wind chimes out of old silverware, giving them a new exciting life. She makes everything out of recycled materials and has a workshop open to the public in Sherbrooke, but you can stop by her table and see what she’s working on in Mabou too!