La Femme Nikketo

La Femme Nikketo, operated by Nikkey Elizabeth, makes delightful and wholesome farm-to-table, keto, sugar-free, diabetes-friendly preserves, lollipops, and chocolates. She is dedicated to making treats not only that are healthy but that are delicious too. Because our products have no sugar, they don’t cause cavities and are tooth friendly. We only use natural sugar-free sweeteners with no aftertaste, so you’d never know it’s sugar-free. Nikkey has a life-long allergy to peanuts and tree nuts, so all our products are nut-free.

Our products are made from what we grow at our farm, The Farm in Glenville, and we ethically source from other small-scale farmers’ products we can’t grow, like cocoa beans and vanilla. All of our creations are Nikkey’s recipes and are made in small batches. Our products include farm-to-table jams, relishes, and salsas; whimsical handcrafted lollipops like unicorns, lobsters, and moose with dried strawberries or edible flowers embedded in the candy; and chocolate that we make right from the bean, so it’s super delicious, and include our berries, sometimes flowers (and maybe this year sunflower and pumpkin seeds!), into varieties to make them a true farm-to-table creation. Nikkey, as an artisan first, then a farmer and food producer, crafts all her products meticulously, each unique.