La Femme Nikketo

La Femme Nikketo, operated by Nikkey Elizabeth, makes delightful and wholesome farm-to-table, keto, sugar-free, diabetes-friendly preserves, confections, and unique vanilla pastes. Nikkey herself has had a life-long allergy to peanuts and tree nuts, so all her products are also nut-free. Nikkey uses mainly products grown at her farm, The Farm in Glenville, owned by her and her husband. She ethically sources from other small-scale farmers for products that she can’t grow, like cocoa beans and vanilla. All of her creations are her recipes, made in small batches. Nikkey, as an artisan first, then a food producer and farmer, crafts all her products meticulously, and each is unique.

Farm to table preserves include jams, relishes, and salsas. Artisanal confections include adorable handcrafted lollipops like lobsters and moose with dried strawberries or edible flowers embedded in the candy. We make our chocolate from the bean, so it’s super delicious, and like our other products, you’d never know it’s sugar-free. Varieties include milk and dark chocolates, strawberry and blueberry that we refine with our berries, and an evolving line of truffles that we make, with many from ingredients we grow. Sugar-free vanilla pastes are super-powered vanillas that won’t bake out.

In season, La Femme Nikketo will also have flowers, herbs and low-carb vegetables and fruits from the farm, and possibly any surplus harvested strawberries. La Femme Nikketo and her farm, The Farm in Glenville, are located just outside Mabou, in Glenville Cape Breton.