Taste of Patel

TASTE OF PATEL – a small start up business owned and operated by Himanshu Patel, who was unknown until last year. But, oh my gosh!!!! What response and substantial support he got from the people of Mabou and people around. He is so happy that his dream of becoming a chef and people relishing his tasty, yummy, and authentic Indian food was fulfilled in his first year. Last year being the first, he was not sure whether his food would be accepted or not and so he only had a few ready to eat food items and frozen curry’s. This year, he will bring in more ready to eat items of different tastes and flavor, with the array of spices and condiments. So, help him have a wonderful another year. Whether wanting to have food for breakfast, lunch, or supper – variety of food for all the three meals is there. So just come, order, pick up and go for a drive or to the beach and reveal the summer.