The Newland’s Island Grocer Corporation

The Newland’s Island Grocer Corporation Ltd known commonly as The Newland’s Island Cuisine on social media. They offer Caribbean cuisine meals, fresh or frozen, soups of all kind, pasta dishes. They have their very own seasoned cauliflower rice (uncooked) and make all types of desserts. They do special requests like diary and gluten free.

Stephanie Newland (formerly known as Stephanie White) is the owner and operator of The Newland’s Island Cuisine. She born Jamaican but has been a Canadian citizen since 2012. She first ventured to Kelowna BC in 2008 to complete a crash course in culinary arts at the Okanagan College. How did she end up in Cheticamp NS? A long story she’s happy to tell you when you meet in person.
IShe is extremely passionate about what she does. Food safety, taste and presentation are her top priority. Her food is filled with love and flavor too good not to try…. Service with a smile. From dinner for 1 to catering for 2000+ she’ll do it…