Twisted Stitches By Sharon Ann

My name is Sharon Ann . I live in Northeast Margaree. I have been creating for over 55 years, when my Aunt taught me to use her treadle sewing machine at about age 12. My products are create by using new or reclaimed materials. Except yarns, floss, thread which are all new materials. Quilts are also made of new fabrics and batting. 90% of zippers and all buttons are reclaimed. Embellishments come from broken jewelry, garbage destined clothing and other accessories I find particularly exciting. I also quilts items for the bed, tables, clothing, purses, or the wall. I love hand quilting. I find it very relaxing and satisfying. I very seldom machine quilt. I also do needle work as in cross stitch and hand embroidery. I knit sweaters, socks etc for children and also the odd purse. I am usually busy in late spring/early summer altering or hemming prom dresses and wedding apparel. I love turning something old into something new.